1.- To save on heating, try not to have the windows open when this is working. Considering that to ventilate the house is enough 10 minutes, try to do at times when even that is not lit.

2.- No tapes heat sources with furniture or curtains and periodically reviews the boiler to enhance their efficiency and duration.

3.- Install a thermostat on the heating and regulate it to a temperature of not more than 20 ° C in winter, as each additional degree it spends about 5% more energy.

4.- One of the main ways of saving energy is the housing insulation. If you're considering making reforms soon, thermal insulation placed on the exterior walls whenever possible. Furthermore, please install double glazing instead of double glazing, as more savings will occur.
5.- Proper use of the appliance is essential for attaining energy efficiency. By purchasing one look at its energy label. It different characteristics are indicated. Although the price is higher the more efficient is an investment that pays off in the medium term. Moreover, seeks to use at night, when energy demand is lowest.

6.- In the kitchen, pressure cooker cook with little water and saves the 50% Power. Moreover, Covering pots, pots and pans get save 25% Power.

7.- The oven is one of the appliances in the house that consumes more energy, therefore it is not recommended to use it to prepare small amounts of food, or simply to reheat or defrost.

8.- To save energy with your computer, keep in mind that the monitor is primarily responsible spending and its size determines its energy consumption. The screensaver called black screen or black screen is the preferred. We suggest a time of ten minutes to become operational.

9.- For efficient use of the fridge, Place it away from sources of heat and with sufficient ventilation, Always maintaining a minimum distance to the wall. So that no heat is transmitted into the interior, Let hot food cool completely before placing in the fridge.

10.- Both the oven and the fridge, do not keep the door open too long since you can save up to 5% Power.

11.- A useful trick is to thaw food inside the refrigerator, because the energy that has been used is used to freeze.

12.- Disconnect all equipment when not in use. Otherwise, it is still consuming energy. According to the Eurostat agency, You can reach the 7% of total household electricity consumption.

13.- Make the most of the sun's energy and the external environment. In summer open windows early in the evening and late morning so that the outside air cools the house and lower blinds, draw the curtains or install blinds on the windows to the south in the central hours of the day. In winter, Unlike.

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