5 Ghost works in China: the imminence of another housing bubble

So it seems, Spain is the only country that builds homes that will never be inhabited, residential areas where no one lives, polideportivos lost in remote locations or huge recreational areas in populations that do not exceed 2.000 people.

China, more and more so-called "ghost towns" for which huge amounts of money invested but where people never get to live. Here we show 5 of these huge and terrifying uninhabited places:

Ordos City in the district New Kangbashi, Mongolia interior

In 2003, he began planning the construction of Ordos, a new district for up to one million people. Finally, They were invested 161.000 million dollars to build a neighborhood for up to 300.000 people. Unfortunately, today only inhabit a 30.0000. The 'Dubai North China’ which it is as it is known, It is not empty for economic reasons. The authorities, simply, They fail to convince people that you move there.
The city was built in five years through public and private investment. Thousands of Chinese Ordos bought a house thinking they were doing a good investment. However, even they bought some houses built, their owners are still inhabit. The main reason is that it is 25 kilometers from the capital of the region and there is not enough population pressure to push people to live in a place so remote.
On the other hand, There is another strange why the city has become a place where nobody wants to live. In 2002, It was used to test each operating without water toilets. Ordos is in a semi-arid area of ​​minimal rainfall, and when raised to create a modern city for almost one million inhabitants, they found that there was no shortage of water. Therefore, local authorities in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Environment, They prompted a new "ecological city". In a neighborhood made up 14 buildings 830 apartments "eco-dry toilets" were installed, water not used for driving human excrement, but only the force of gravity.

Ciudad de Ordos
It was a large pilot test, which if successful would be a real revolution for all cities located in areas of low rainfall, because the water used in the toilet, viene a ser un 50% of water consumed by a family.
Unfortunately the experiment was a disaster. In contrary to expectations, management of deposits of excrement was much nastier and dirtier than what was thought at first. Moreover, deposits the next lower floors were flooded with odors and flies and worms proliferated.

Centro Comercial New South China Mall en Dongguan, Provincia de Guangdong

Also known as Dead Mall, inactive since its inauguration in 2005. It was driven by the tycoon of instant noodles Hu Guirong, and today, the center is in a 99% vacuum.
The center covers an area of 892.000 square meters with room for 2.500 premises of different size. Inside there are different areas that mimic, in plasterboard, to different cities and cultures of the world. In the center we can find two kilometers of Venetian-style canals and a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris 25 meters.
Dead Mall was built on the outskirts of Dongguan and the cause of its failure is that it seems no one calculated the demand for commercial space for such dimensions.

mall gigante China

Today only has a handful of fast food restaurants. For years he held the record for retail space, but it has recently been surpassed by a center built in Dubai. Nevertheless maintains the largest retail space available in the world, and everything indicates that it will remain so for a long time.

Jin Jing sustainable city, Tianjin

It is a city of more than 100 chalets square kilometers with spectacular green building. Currently it is completely empty.

ciudad sostenible china

Villa Florencia en Wuqing, Tianjin

For decades it was nothing but a cornfield and now it has become a neighborhood of houses of Italian style with its own channel and even a shopping mall as Colosseum. The project cost 220 million and was funded by a local mining company. It opened in 2011 and their owners are trying to fill.

Venecia China

Tianducheng, cerca de Shanghai

Tianducheng begun in 2007 and it is a small city designed for 10.000 people. Nowadays, only live 2.000 and most are workers of an adjacent theme park, also based on French culture, that is poised to suffer the same fate. The place has its own replica of the Eiffel Tower, although 108 meters high instead of 324 de la original.


Paris en china
He also found in miniature versions of the Champs Elysees and reproductions of any monuments. Unfortunately, is so empty that does not invite much to be visited. The Chinese government says it plans to colonize this and other similar places continue at the pace forecast.









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