“Every great architect, necessarily, He is a great poet. It must be a great original interpreter of his time, of his days, of his time”. These words of Frank Lloyd Wright perfectly describe the work of a contemporary architect.

Wright was not only interpreter of his time, but he was able to anticipate the needs and desires of future periods. As a sign of future designs surprising and innovative, Today we decided to talk about the so-called "invisible architecture".


Examples of such futuristic constructions found the project Infinity Tower South Korea. The building has been designed by the company GDS Architects and the project is supported by Korea Land & Housing Corporation, a state body of land and public housing, who has not given the date for completion of the project.






The invisibility effect is achieved by a facade covered by high-tech LED lights, using a series of cameras through which images are sent in real time to the reflective surface of the building. According to GDS, It may alter the level used to give the building different levels of invisibility. The building will be mainly for leisure activities. Furthermore, It will become one of the tallest towers in the world, and will occupy the sixth place after SkyTree tower in Tokyo.

On the other hand, There is another ongoing project of this invisible smaller and less ostentatious architecture designed by New York architectural firm tpmj. Store parallelogram would made of wood and mirror coated film, and reach a cost of 5000 dollars.


almacen invisible











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