Industrialized housing and myths

Industrialization in construction has emerged as one of the most promising sectors in the global architecture. Industrialized house has its origins in the early nineteenth century, Balloon frame with Chicago or Portable Colonial Cottages of Australia and South Africa; and it has been developing at a rapid pace … Read more

The origin of the Passivhaus, or how to do things right

The term Passivhaus will become from now the leitmotif of architects. One reason for this is a new way of understanding and rethinking architecture, as a discipline in the service of the people, and not a product of a bygone era of excess and inordinate architecture. But It … Read more

The “skin” I Live

The human body is equipped with a high efficiency envelope, skin, which is what protects the rest of organs. The skin is hardly comparable performance to anything we have been able to build, but we should serve as an example to our buildings, both the assessment and comfort is achieved in … Read more

Head over to the Aerothermy!

Our generation is witnessing the extinction of our species, the Homosapiens, to give way to a more evolved: the Homocrisis. Only these new individuals are able to cope with adversities we face today with its three common values: honesty, courage and imagination. The crisis we … Read more