Cottages and or containers?

¿Shipping containers converted into housing? Clearly, Construction is becoming increasingly distant nuances of traditional brick houses. The houses are modular and transportable container houses built with containers, which are delivered to the customer fully furnished and equipped.

One of its biggest advantages is that you can change the location if necessary by any change in personnel or completion of work. Its format makes both maritime and land transport easier, Returning to move even country.

There is a loophole in terms of the nature of these homes, so in principle could be placed on rural land, but always previously going to the local municipality where you want to locate. The problem settling in this kind of place is that it should be justified that are movable, so they could not hipotecarse.En General, for structures of these constructions (walls, soil, roofs), manufacturers guarantee a minimum 10 – 15 years old, can be extended much further in time.

The main disadvantages of a container housing are the following:

  • Isolation

Cargo containers are made of steel, which is a good conductor of heat. Therefore, a house made of this material loses heat quickly. To compensate for this loss, need to invest in good insulation.

  • Pollutants

Since these containers in the past have carried many different types of loads, may have traces of contaminants, which could include chemicals, toxic gases and paintings. For this reason should be completely polished and cleaned before being used for accomodation, a process time consuming.

  • Rust

Any amounts of metals containing iron begin to oxidize under certain conditions, and steel is no exception. Moisture, rain and snow can be combined to accelerate the oxidation process, which would lead to holes in the walls and floor.

  • Space

After completion, a house for freight container not occupy much space. During construction, however, a significant amount of free space required. First, enough space on the construction site for the containers to be received is required and installed. These should be taken with cranes and other heavy equipment, they need space to maneuver and move. Secondly, modifying cargo containers requires clearance around the construction area. Since steel is cut and assembled units, should be sufficient to operate welders to manipulate space and torches and other tools.

Despite these minor inconveniences, They are very practical and easy to assemble homes. In fact, currently exist to online guides to build yourself these container houses or start a business of this type.

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