The “Modern Madrid” that was forgotten

In a neighborhood called “The Guindalera” part of the nineteenth century extensions Madrid, barely surviving a handful of modernist houses condemned to oblivion, and in most cases, a la Piquet. Houses, next to the current bullring of Las Ventas and the axis of Alcalá, are located mainly in … Read more

Unusual architecture: the house of John Cammarata

  Any house, decorated with care, originality and good taste, You can become a cozy home and even in a work of art. An example is Giovanni Cammarata (1914-2002), who when settled in Messina 1947 with his wife Paola, the only home we could afford was little more than … Read more

The heart of Russia

Culturally and geographically Russia is a relatively nearby country, but due to its latitude, its vast territory and its ethnic complexity, the country acquires an exoticism that often differs and conflicts with the mindset European, and of course, their interests. Under the current tensions between … Read more