The “skin” I Live

The human body is equipped with a high efficiency envelope, skin, which is what protects the rest of organs. The skin is hardly comparable performance to anything we have been able to build, but we should serve as an example to our buildings, both the assessment and comfort is achieved in … Read more

Passive House = Active Savings

We often wonder why we have reached this point, the critical limit of sustainability, far humans have only just consume and squander without worrying about their environment and much less about the future that awaits you. The reason is simple, We were brought in for it and … Read more


The Construction and Demolition Waste (RCD), commonly known as rubble, are those basically consist of all waste generated in the activities of construction, reshuffle, rehabilitation, reform, demolition and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure in general. Present day, the generation of the RCD has increased as a result of urban growth. Until … Read more


The future of construction is still quite uncertain, so that, with so much insecurity, They are formulated various hypotheses about. Now, We will contrast some major sources and data on the evolution of this sector. Sources with a positive outlook as Expansión newspaper or Euroconstruct report Institute of Technology … Read more