Five natural paradises endangered

The increase in tourism in a country has very positive aspects because it favors economic growth and promote tolerance and cultural diversity. However, as any excess, You can have devastating effects. If you join pollution and climate change that this triggers, now understand why the lists of species and ecosystems endangered, we must add real natural paradises are threatened seriously.

Now, identifies some of the last natural refuges threatened most impressive in the world:

  • Everglades Park: Located in Florida, It is the largest subtropical nature reserve US, and has several peculiar species and endangered. It has been designated World Heritage, Wetlands of International Importance (Wetland of International Importance) and International Biosphere Reserve. He is being threatened by invasive tourism and real estate development


  • Galapagos Islands: The Galapagos Islands form the world's complex and diverse archipelago, in which the conditions remain relatively intact. Because of its distance to the mainland and the fact that it was never attached to this, flora and fauna evolved extraordinarily up to what they are now and remained unchanged until man arrived to them for the first time. Unfortunately, are currently threatened by tourism and invasive species. In 2008 were counted 173.000 Visitors, 90.000 of them on cruises, and the rest in hotels.


  • The Kathmandu Valley: Landscape of incredible beauty located in Nepal, currently is invaded by climbers and tourists. Furthermore, I find it threatened by looters, the pollution, war and urban sprawl.

Valle Katmandu

  • Luxor, in Egypt: Luxor is 700 kilometers south of Cairo, and in this city is concentrated the largest number of monuments in Egypt. Therefore, is very threatened by tides of tourists in search of pyramids, temples, and lost civilizations. Rightly moisture leaks caused by underground water channels flowing beneath the temples, It is producing a loss of color and the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

  • Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island): It is the third largest island in Australia. More than half of the territory is occupied by virgin vegetation, bird sanctuary endangered, and species like the kangaroo Dunnart. It is threatened by the tourist invasion and expansion of luxury.


Written by Marta Pírez