Modular Technology

AIRO Modular

Thanks to our advanced modular technology AIRO Buildings, we can offer countless COMBINATIONS order to create a custom house.

Our utility model is registered under the brand:

AIRO Modular


Now, we help you discover how to design your home, by combining modules:



The industrialized houses are formed by modules that are combined to generate different layouts. There are three types of basic modules with standard dimensions (7,8 x 7,8), compact (6,6 x 6,6), or even measures tailored to the client.:

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AIRO ModularThese modules can be customized and combined with each other to create the home to your taste. Among them, as a connector, engages the called 3D module. This module with a lower size (2,4 x 4,8) contains the housing facilities.




Module combinations

The modules are flexible elements that can be combined as desired by the customer.


Model ONE ONE: Two annexes modules to each other and joined by the 3D module.


Model ONE.ONE: Two modules placed diagonally and united by the 3D module.

Casa DOS

Model TWO: Two modules placed in an overlapping, creating a house with two floors connected by stairs 3D module.

These basic models can be combined with each other, so there are endless possibilities when creating your own home. Here we show some combinations of modules to give you ideas

Casa Modelo UNO+UNO.UNOCasa Modelo DOS.UNO