Modular Health

AIRO buildings is formed by a group of architects and highly qualified technicians, TKNicos belonging to architects, Founded in 1988. Since its creation, the architectural firm TKN, He has conducted all kinds of technical projects and construction management and has specialized in the health sector. He has developed major architectural projects such as the University Welfare Complex of Salamanca, currently running.


The bonded experience and research will study, this new project arises:

4i H


In the socioeconomic time when we, We have detected that there is a latent social demand, necessitating further study and feasibility of a fully industrialized production process focused on health infrastructure.

Construccion sanitaria industrializada

The object call Project 4i H, It is to create a complex health unit, fully industrialized, through a process of projective established design and logged.

The concept 4i refers to the procedure followed in the industrialized construction of health centers (Health):

  1. Research for the use of new materials, existing recycling and using waste integrable.
  2. Industrialization production process
  3. Innovation in the construction process,
  4. Implantation the industrialized gradual process in the territory, as a way to totally control the finished product.

Hence arises the denomination 4i H, project under the program hosted CDTI (Center for Industrial Technical Development) y de INNPACTO, support cooperation projects between companies and agents of R & D i, both under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.