Unusual architecture: the house of John Cammarata


Any house, decorated with care, originality and good taste, You can become a cozy home and even in a work of art. An example is Giovanni Cammarata (1914-2002), who when settled in Messina 1947 with his wife Paola, the only home we could afford was little more than a shack. They used to decorate such modest materials such as seashells, shingle, and fragments of glass and crockery.

With all these materials drew up the reliefs, on a cement base, with which he decorated both the exterior walls as small courtyard. He copied famous architectural works of all time and walls also illustrated historical scenes, like Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants. Using this same technique, decorated the courtyard and garden with sculptures which represent virgins and saints with mundane and fantastic figures like King Kong, Godzilla or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Cammarata Cammarata fue apodado the knight or the puppeteer (marionetista). His works were highly appreciated abroad but ninguneadas by his countrymen. After his death, the house became one of the biggest attractions in Messina. Local authorities undertook to preserve the building, but unfortunately was demolished to build the parking lot of a large supermarket nearby.

Nowadays, only survives the main facade. Many of the sculptures were piled in the street instead of destroyed and later rescued by a neighborhood association. Furthermore, these organized protests by the way had destroyed that place overnight and without warning.

Giovanni returned to Italy after fighting in the war and live a few years in the United States and spent the last years of his life to building this house full of life and art . As happens to many artists, It has always been more recognized outside their country than their compatriots. At Present, it is possible to visit the house, where cultural events not to drop into oblivion Il Cavaliere Cammarata. Moreover, visitors who come with their cameras and phones to photograph the site and upload to social networks with the hashtag explicitly invites #invasionidigitali, #casacammarata, #siciliainvasa2014, #idmessina, #igersmessina.





Written by Marta Pírez