Man looking for maximum comfort in every moment of your life. Therefore, home conceived as a fundamental balance, the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Our know-how It allows us to implement a number of features to create efficient spaces that make us the most comfortable stay:

> Intelligent distribution which it is based on a separation between the area day and night.

> Lighting use through large windows strategically placed.

> 100% usable space, by removing unnecessary spaces and conversion of dead zones, as stairs or hallways.

> Concentration all facilities and networks house in a compact, affordable enclosure, in the heart of the house.

> Design of a flexible design in which the customer can choose between different distribution options and finishes.

> Possibility of undertaking future expansion of the House.


UNO·DOS primer plano

These properties help us define the final aesthetic of the house, printing a timeless finish with attractive lines and right angles. We were inspired in a rational and simple conceptual architecture blocks, elegant and resounding.

Definitely, looking home functionality we have a design that can adapt to any trend and survive the future.