Energy efficiency


We focus on efficient construction as a way to energy-saving systems, economic for our clients, and ecological For the enviroment. Therefore, our housing construction standards of a passive house are built on, o Passive House.


What is a Passive House?

A passive house is one in which resources are used bioclimatic architecture (harnessing sunlight, eco-efficient insulation materials, HVAC Low Power, construction retail and hermetic), in order to keep the house in a strip of optimum temperature as possible throughout the year. This does, only a minimum necessary heat input, or cold, to achieve the desired feeling of comfort.

It is necessary to invest in improving the efficiency of homes. The investment required to build efficient systems and materials are easily amortized over a reasonable period of time, through reduction in air conditioning bills.


How these high levels of energy savings are achieved?

To achieve this reduction in energy consumption, passive house is based on four pillars:

  • Great quality systems isolation housing to prevent heat loss and drafts input.
  • High level of tightness in the house.
  • Systems forced ventilation renewing the outside air and catching him recovering heat from inside a 93%.
  • Heating and cooling Aerotermia, which is used to obtain hot water.

These solutions, that they are integrated without affecting the aesthetics and distribution of housing, They have been developing for two decades in northern and central Europe. At Present, it is experiencing strong growth in Spain, a Passivhaus adapted to different climates of the peninsula. Saving energy is a trend that is here to stay, since all homes had just applying these techniques in the future, either by law, or costs.


How much can you save in economic terms?

A conventional house consumes about 100 watts / m2, while our homes consume 15 and 35 watts / m2. This reduction between 85% and 65% energy consumption translates into a average savings of between 850 € and 650 € a year in heating per dwelling.

Eficiencia energética del hogar