The Alamo: a monument, a battle and a symbol.

The Missions were many who held Spain at the time of empire across the American continent. En EE.UU. one of the best known was that of San Antonio de Valero, historical site which settle the epicenter of the independence of Texas with Mexico.

The symbol of the mission was a fortress formed by a church surrounded by different structures and elements, built by the Spanish during the eighteenth century by the Viceroy, for religious instruction, cultural and educational indigenous natives of the region.

Fachada principal de El Álamo
Main facade of the Alamo

The mission was secularized in 1973 and subsequently remained in a state of neglect. A decade later became a stronghold of a group of Mexican army, Second Mobile Company of San Carlos de Parras, and this stage it is considered appropriate name “The Alamo”, due to a small nearby forest of this type of tree.

The fortification was transferred from Spanish control to Mexican control in 1821 after the war of Mexican independence, after being used as a political prison and hospital.


The 75% of the inhabitants of the Mexican province of Coahuila y Tejas was of American origin, i.e., descendant of European colonists Spanish. This population, which had been supported at first by the Mexican Revolution in order to gain support for its independence from Spain, wished to be bound by US law.

Thus, among the inhabitants was instituting the idea of ​​independence of Mexico and form their own state. The struggles became increasingly frequent, and, finally, decision by the settlers of the mission sparked a bloody battle in which a group clashed 184 local settlers besieged, against several thousand Mexican soldiers led by General Santa Anna. Finally perished all Texans revolutionaries who were entrenched there.

El sitio, y posteriormente en 1854.
Site, and thereafter 1854

Later, after the fierce battle of the same name, The Alamo became forever a symbol of resistance and Texan independence from Mexico.

Now part of downtown San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas after Houston, and above Dallas, and Austin, the state capital.

The Alamo is one of the most visited national monuments in the US.

El Álamo en la actualidad
The Alamo today

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Written by Miguel Angel García

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