The “Modern Madrid” that was forgotten

In a neighborhood called “The Guindalera” part of the nineteenth century extensions Madrid, barely surviving a handful of modernist houses condemned to oblivion, and in most cases, a la Piquet.

Houses, next to the current bullring of Las Ventas and the axis of Alcalá, are located mainly in the streets: Castelar, Rome and Cardinal Belluga.

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As launching a project called single-family homes “Modern Madrid”, these little gems were built in three phases, between 1890 and 1905.

In the first phase, houses that made up the corners looked like circular towers at the House of Balls, between Calle Alcalá and Goya, work also the same architect of this phase: Julian Marin. The other two phases were led by Mauricio Martínez Calonge (2Phase, también neomudéjar) and Valentin Roca Carbonell (3Phase , Modernist)

madrid-moderno-nubes calle-londres_madrid-moderno_1910 madrid-moderno_1900

Conceived in neomudéjar and modernist, were planned in a row, and to build the brick was used (in various colors) as the main element, playing with wood, iron and ceramics, as secondary materials.

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Each house had two heights, plus a basement and a courtyard. The facades, recessed with respect to the street, allowed a small garden between the façade, Street and entrance. The non retranqueada, flush with the sidewalk and coincident with access to the house exercised glazed wooden gazebo, while doing the porch supported by two columns of turning iron.

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Many of them have disappeared, Some are kept in good condition by their owners, but others are in a total state of neglect. This shows how the various city governments have turned their backs on these treasures, which undoubtedly constitute an example of a style of ephemeral construction, but very currently valued.

The following image is an example of how the distortion of the buildings that began in the allowed 70 and even today remain.

Estado Actual

A throughout the neighborhood “The Guindela” are very different styles of residential architecture of low density. A unique neighborhood that despite the disappearance, degradation or transformation of many of its historic buildings, continues to maintain a quiet and calm in the center of such a vibrant city like Madrid.

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Written by Miguel Angel García

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