Pasadena Bridge, or bridge suicide…

When someone visits the United States, and discuss his return to the country you liked but not surprised do not be surprised!, because this North American country already know all, you included, even if you've never been in situ.

America has always sold well known, cinema, by television, and of course, Internet. So Much, cities like Denver, Portland and New Orleans, if they were outside the United States would have more relevance than can currently be Zaragoza and Valladolid at global, and yet they are much better known.

But do not be surprised not to say they do not like. In fact, is rare ignore the vast iconography of buildings, American landscapes monuments we have stored in our subconscious. However, a large number of constructions, that despite its artistic and monumental value within the American historical context, unknown. That is why, Over the next days we will be discovering these little treasures, less known, but worth knowing.




Designed and built by Warrell study & Harrington, this curved bridge dates from 1913, measured 483 meters and is located in the Greater Los Angeles. It forms one of the entrances to the city of Pasadena, Famous for hosting the California Institute of Technology, for hosting the finals 1994 World Cup or because the location of the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory.


Pasadena Bridge


Inspired by the French Beaux Arts architectural style, Its lightweight and elegant arches on dry seasonal river rise Arroyo, the saving of 45 vertical meters, and its lamps are right a slight modernist influence.

Bridge, who has earned the nickname "suicide bridge" for its more than 100 suicides since its construction, has been portrayed as the main element of the music video "Summertime sadness" Lana Del Rey.


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