Height phobia I

Aristotle once said: "Virtue is the golden mean between two flaws". If we extrapolate this architecture and take the variable height, We crave intense debate: versus building construction construction plant, or buildings of limited height.

In recent years, numerous examples of mega-building construction in Arab and Asian countries have created an aura of controversy over such structures. And it's no wonder, Towers and Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 m), or Abraj Al-Bait complex in Mecca (601 m), among many other samples, have exceeded limits that until recently were more typical of fiction.

Nowadays, within buildings 100, or even 150 meters, no longer are considered skyscrapers, but as high-rises, constructs and 300 meters or more are known as supertall or mega-skyscraper, within the architectural world.

Skyline of Pudong Bay, Shanghai.

When meditating on the volume and height of a building there are many people that are positioned on either side of the balance, but many are those who stop to think about the social and economic needs of the area where it is located, its urban and environmental fit the environment and the ultimate goal of building.

Then we wonder: Is the key to the success of a building should be a balance between these three variables?



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