The Revolution of Construction: Industrialized Housing

The crisis in the real estate market has become a clear evidence of the decline of traditional building systems. This has given rise to new cheaper models, precise and above all efficient and environmentally friendly. An example of this revolution in the sector is called industrialized construction.

What are the main advantages of industrialized construction versus traditional? First, It shapes manufacturing: instead move the shop to the place of work, different parts of homes are produced in factories. This ensures greater precision in the finishes and avoid the classic mistakes of placing.

As to deadline for completion, a traditional house can reach two to three years delayed. Although we ensure faster time, those inevitable inaccuracies of previously talked often lengthen the process more than estimated. In change, industrialized housing consists of modules easy to transport and assemble, reducing time about few months.


As it is well known, This type of construction is much cheaper that traditional. Moreover, This is particularly attractive is that prices are completely closed, without the possibility of suffering from those dreaded price increases last minute. Being such a precise process, the budget that the client is provided is completely transparent and reliable.

However, do not confuse with affordable prices quality. Construction materials are much more sustainable and innovative. The houses are made of simple and emphatic blocks, but with high quality finishes and features. The elements with which the building is constructed are industrial elements, to optimize time and improve finished, in a process that could be defined as Dry Architecture.

No less important is the contribution to the environment of this innovative high-quality industrial process. The houses are characterized by the high degree of insulation and sealing, achieving significant energy-saving systems and sustainability in construction.

Last, one of the great attractions that brings people to build a modular home is your flexibility. These home evolve with the needs of their owners, because you can zoom in and adding or removing modules.


Perhaps we have misunderstood the situation. Maybe we are not living a great crisis in the construction sector ... But a great revolution!

casa unounouno casa unodos

Written by: Marta S. Pírez Polanco