La Sagrada Familia is frozen

For a few months, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will not be unique in the world. Several students from the Technological University of Eindehoven have set a complicated and daunting challenge: build a replica of all snow and ice from the Sagrada Familia in Finland.

The idea is two graduate students called Jordy Kern and Teun Verberne, directed by Arno Pronk. They chose to replicate the Sagrada Familia due to the fascination they feel for the architecture of Gaudi. The construction of the new and temporary Sagrada Familia will be held between the 28 December this year and 17 January 2015 in the city of Juuka. This is one of the coldest regions of Europe where temperatures can reach -30 ° C in winter.

Meteorology is the main concern because in summer the average temperature is 15 ° C but often reaches 20. In winter occurs the same and fluctuates with ease, so although normal is kept in -15, other years has reached -26 ° C and could not make ice.

The Sagrada Familia project will tower 42,5 meters, of four smaller 26,25 meters 22,5 meters. These 5 towers reinforced with Pykrete, a composite for approximately 14% sawdust or other wood pulp and 86% ice. Its name comes from Geoffrey Pyke of the Royal Navy, who proposed its use during World War II for an aircraft carrier daunting and unsinkable.

Sagrada Familia de hielo


The same technique is that for the famous ice igloos have spread both ski resorts in recent seasons, designed by Swiss engineer Heinz Isler. This method involves throwing snow on a kind of inflatable balloons, Later that stretch with sticks and ropes. Now, builders throw water with 10% sawdust that is absorbed immediately by snow. When frozen, the end result is the pykrete, which is modeled to shape the cream building.

The aim is to demonstrate that this material can be used in temporary buildings, since the content of the wood fiber makes this material is three times stronger and much harder than regular ice. Moreover, melts more slowly than the common ice, so it is expected that the structure of endurance ice until the temperature reaches freezing in late winter.


Sagrada Familia de hielo












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