Neons returning, neons carried

In the coming days he will return to the Puerta del Sol luminous iconic "Uncle Pepe, Bottling Sol Andalusia ", Jerezanas owned wineries Gonzalez Byass S.L.., after having been fully restored.

The sign will be installed on the scaffolding structure was completed weeks ago in the number 11 Square (property of El Corte Ingles), due to the refusal of the company Apple to keep it on its roof in the number 1. The American company has spent two years working for the restoration and tuning of the building that housed the famous Hotel Paris, that with 6.000 square meters and seven floors, It will be one of the largest in the world, and will open before summer.


Although billboards on historic buildings have been used as a standard practice throughout the twentieth century, They have not been studied up 2009, year they were regulated through bylaw advertising Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, limiting their size, layout and power. The controversy comes when these neons become part of urban architecture, historical physiognomy, or even city icon. ¿Prevails over its iconic force in society and as a trademark Madrid, or, conversely, aesthetic clash with the style originally conceived in different urban plots?

Some signs, as the mythical Schweppes Gran Vía, hung on the facade of the magnificent building German expressionist 'Carrion', Luckily they ran and were protected. Others, however, such as Firestone, next to Retiro Park, They have been dismantled after years of struggle in the courts.

The latter was installed on 1956 on the roof of the building located at the confluence of the streets Alcala O'Donnell, not licensed, No way to get it, according to City Hall, since it is not considered historic. Therefore the only way to get sold out pardon enjoyed by the other luminous and has been recently removed.

A nivel particular, we believe that with the return of poster Tio Pepe al Km. 0 It recovers lost treasure, although its original position was much more appropriate than the coming, which further distorts the geometric balance of the square.

On the other hand, we believe that Poster disappearance Firestone es un error, which clearly it represents the loss of a single element, and so, a small part of the image of the city, to be where wine.

Firestone Building, Barrio de Salamanca

As an aide said:"We removed the dynamic and beautiful typography Firestone, it even had some castizo air, but to maintain Vodafone in the Gran Via, and all Madrid ".

And is that, sometimes, better realize what sets us over other cities to give greater meaning to our.

Written by: Miguel Ángel García Ruiz