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Our generation is witnessing the extinction of our species, the Homosapiens, to give way to a more evolved: the Homocrisis. Only these new individuals are able to cope with adversities we face today with its three common values: honesty, courage and imagination.

The crisis has led us to seek new ways to survive. It has made us get up from the couch, get our act together and take all our weapons to stay afloat. More and more entrepreneurs emerge, people with new ideas and creative, seeking alternative ways to make money.

However, strategy Homocrisis is not only to find new sources of revenue, but other forms of savings that do not adversely affect your comfort. For this, strong commitment to innovation and seeks to take advantage of technologies to cut costs and increase efficiency at the same time.

Is it possible to achieve better results for less money? Yup, provided that there are still individuals and companies willing to invest in research. Moreover, most of the time these savings is linked to greater respect for the environment.

In the construction industry, the use of renewable energies, Faster and clean recyclable materials and forms of construction, provides greater economic and environmental efficiency. Thanks to these technologies, not only achieved that construction of homes and buildings less costly, but long-term savings are achieved thanks to the insulation, tightness and ventilation systems and heating.

An example of how this new Homocrisis has achieved greater efficiency in their day to day without reducing your comfort levels, is the use of new heating and hot water as aerotermia. Now, easily explain what this innovative system and we invite you to know more details about the initiative homocrisis and ventilation systems by visiting the web Toshiba.


What is Aerothermal?

In the house of the future the fundamental principle is self-reliance, or practically no energy dependent import. This allows a saving on bills for tenants and sustainable home for the environment.

Aerothermics is an innovative solution for the production of hot water for heating and domestic hot water, besides cooling, and replacing traditional systems how: traditional boiler combustion (gas or diesel), condensing boilers, electrical resistance heaters and the like.

It is an innovative system that allows us to guarantee the perfect climate of the house and enjoy hot water throughout the year using about 25% the electric power to be consumed by any other traditional system. Per 4 kW need for heating only have to make one, representing a savings of approximately 75% invoice.



How this is achieved and what elements constitute it?

The air we breathe contains calories, even the air cooler, as it is studied that even -273,15º C (absolute zero) the air contains calories. These "free" calories make up the energy source of this innovative system, using a transfer system composed of two elements: an outdoor unit that captures calories, and an indoor unit that transfers them to a circuit of water or air (consumer tastes) to heat the house by air or by water through radiators or floor heating.

In summary, aerothermics consists of three units:

1º The outdoor unit or heat pump:

Absorbs the heat in the environment naturally when the refrigerant is evaporated using the heat from the ambient.

2º The indoor unit hydronic module:

Transfers the heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the outdoor unit for heating water or ACS. The heat absorbed by the outdoor unit heats water in hydronic heat exchanger module for hot water heating and DHW. In summer, conversely, absorbs heat from inside the house and the outdoor unit releases to the environment, obtaining the cooling.

Dispensers heating / cooling:

  • Radiators
  • Underfloor
  • Fan-coil
  • DHWC




What are its advantages?

It is economical

Saving the climate is real because aerotérmica, for function, the system uses the free energy available in the air through an innovative way so far never used for domestic consumption. To check, just existing ratios of consumption of different energy systems for an equivalent area.

Simple installation and minimal maintenance

Occupies the same space as a mural boiler or on ground, but with the advantage of requiring no fuel storage tank or buffer tank. The teams aerotérmicos lack burner and combustion chamber, so that no unburned does not occur during operation requiring perform any cleaning operation.

The HVAC unit requires minimal maintenance required in the current regulations, but will be less than any system requiring combustion. It is much cleaner by the absence of fumes and smoke prevents stains and dust. Just worry about monitoring the cleanliness of the outdoor unit.

Safe and quiet system

It is a very secure system since only intervenes electricity for the motor movement, and silent, because it generates virtually no noise.

Their autonomy: Self regulating and efficient

The system can be programmed with a specific weekly schedule, besides having various advanced features for reducing consumption: control resistors support, self-curve, priorities between ACS and heating / cooling, etc.

A level of energy efficiency is essential that a heat generator supplies the power you need installation at all times, to avoid excess energy in the process of generating the same. Therefore, compressors pumps aerothermal heat are current type Inverter. This innovation enables them to a wide range of modulation, can work from the 8% to the 100% its ability, hardly achievable values ​​by a traditional boiler.

This system is a new way of understanding the energy source of our home, energy that heats our house, which allows us a good hot shower in winter or relieves us from the sweltering summer heat. Thus, as we focus on renewable energy for an environmental benefit, aerothermics is "renewable" energy of our house, a system that saves money and the couple maintain sustainable consumption.



Written by Miguel Ángel García

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