The Team


In AIRO Buildings started build from people, for people. We are a senior team with great knowledge and experience, and young people wanting, ideas and talent.

This is what we think the main components of our team about our product:





Jaime San José González, architect.

“AIRO buildings has adapted to changing times and offer a construction tailored to the needs demanded by society”.



Marta Sanz

Marta Sanz Liquete, Administration and Human Resources

“The customer intimacy is critical, and product customization, very simple in our case, because we have our own building model that sets us apart”.



Miguel Angel Garcia

Miguel Ángel García Ruiz, marketing, communication and marketing.

“The success of AIRO buildings begins just inside one of their homes, definitely, there is a great future ahead“.




Marta Pírez Polanco, external consultant Marketing.

“It is very gratifying to know that so many years of effort brought such good results“.




Ferrando Néstor Sánchez, production manager and owner of FERGA SA.

“Knowledge, experience and time, They are essential for the production of such magnitudes, level of both”.



We do not forget those who were working with us and put their two cents in each project, como Jesús Zarzuela, Raquel Urbanski, Melisa Duque o Francisco.