When something does not work, must be changed or seek solutions. These are the options that are all architects of this country who have sounded headlong into the housing bubble. This eternal and complex six-year career, currently offers many barriers to all those who retain their own mental attitude of the profession which excludes any work other than design and build.

estudio arquitectura

Before emigrating to another country with more possibilities, architects have other possible solutions:

– Rehabilitation and restoration of buildings

– Resorting to new figures for which no specific training required but are close to the field of architecture:

  • Facility manager

It is responsible for the physical space of an organization responsible for managing maintenance, its growth plans, and occupation at all times.

  • Project manager

Usually independent professionals working in place of property in a real estate development, considering that all components lead to the goal and meet the specifications, budget and deadlines.

  • Analyst investment property

It is a responsible job of predicting financial profitability of investment property. Usually part of a bank or financial institution.

  • Correspondent

Usually freelancers who work as architects and executives for an architect-creator with distant venue that has a custom in Spain.

  • Creator of contents

It deals with design and assemble the contents of events and exhibitions on behalf of the organizers, which are generally public bodies.

  • Ephemeral architecture

Designed and decorated mounts and stands.

– Things that have nothing to do with architecture, but are creative and probably an architect has it easier as: clothing design, adman, etc

– Combine traditional architecture work with others to increase revenue and continued employment. An interesting example of this is the Rasconad, an architecture that combines his activity with the sale of roscones of Kings

– Teaching is an output that can be interesting. Not now as a professor of architecture, but as a teacher of technical drawing, mathematics, design, etc. at any school that imparts these subjects.

– Another option is opositar, but always taking into account the shortage of places and the continuous increase of candidates.

No doubt that, with a little imagination and desire to succeed, You can find alternatives to this complicated situation for all professionals in architecture.


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