Did you know this about wood fiber?

The Wood fiber It is a natural thermal and acoustic insulation for roofs high quality, buhardillas, walls and floors of traditional buildings or wooden structure. This material enables compliance with the requirements of CTE, both new buildings and refurbishment.

Thanks to its natural insulation properties, can effectively reduce energy consumption in buildings: heating in winter and cooling in summer.

In winter, the low thermal conductivity of the material limits heat loss outwards. In summer, excellent inertia of wood allows cushion the severe changes in outside temperature, thus delaying the penetration of heat into the interior through the enclosure (thermal lag).


Fibra de Madera ACTIS-AIRO


This type of insulation fight effectively against noise transmission from both inside and outside the building for optimal acoustic comfort. Moreover, provides better resistance to air infiltration reducing heat loss, and is less sensitive to crushing, ensuring an effective and durable insulation in time. Also helps the building to breathe, favoring the feeling of comfort and well-being in the house, Naturally moisture regulating and preserving indoor air quality.

All these advantages, we must add that, wood fiber is a natural raw material, eco-sustainable and renewable, that also fixes carbon and is beneficial to the environment.

Below we show an explanatory video of wood fiber as the French house ACTIS works and installation:



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