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The EU statistics office Eurostat has yielded very positive and encouraging data on the recovery of the construction sector, that seems to be getting closer. After several years in decline, this activity begins to increase again production. According to some data from the statistical office, construction grew up 23,9% in February compared to the same period 2013. Furthermore, the last study strategy Bankinter forecast rise 0.5% to 2015 in its most optimistic scenario.

It should be noted that significant increase in production that has occurred in Spain only surpassed by Slovenia and Hungary. Behind, but positive, Poland and Germany are, as closest to the Spanish increase. While at the opposite pole, in the largest decreases, lie Romania, Portugal and Italy.

There are many indications that this growth sector in Spain is increasingly solid. On month, February compared to January, production in the construction sector increased 0,1% both the euro countries as in the whole EU. January, the index was also positive with monthly growth of 1,6% in the euro area. Thus it appears that the positive trend seems to be consolidating.

ARQUITECTURA ESPAÑASeopan, management of large construction, says that in some regions of Spain there is a housing shortage since the sector has bottomed and hopes that this 2014 regrowing the number of homes that are being built. It is estimated that re-building a figure that may be considered necessary and sustainable, from among 200.000 and 250.000 housing, must pass still some years. “The market is stabilized”, Seopan president says Julia Nunez, who also admitted that the housing sector will not recover before 2016 the speed it had before the crisis.

One of the biggest problems that caused the housing crisis and hampering the sector's recovery is the housing stock. The accumulated stock at end of year 2013 stood at 557.450 units, a 18,9% less than 2010.

Another major social problems that caused the housing market this saturation has been the massive increase in unemployment. The loss of jobs since January 2008, reached in the first quarter the number of 346.884. The unemployment rate the sector is located in the 26,62%, a 0,7% above the national rate.

One of the Alternative routes of exit many construction companies are adopting is the export other countries. Manufacturers of construction products exported, in the first two months 2014, materials worth 3.100 M€, a 5% rather than 2013 and 10,5% rather than 2012. These figures represent 8,2% Spanish exports.

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