Sustainable Solutions: bioconstruction

Today I would like to address a topic that I heard a lot lately and that can have a major global impact on our planet and in the pocket of each of us: bioconstruction

Green building is a building system made of materials with low environmental impact, recycled or highly recyclable, as materials of plant origin.

The bio seeks to minimize the environmental impact, thereby helping to create a sustainable development. This system is respectful of nature and guarantees the balance and sustainability of future generations.

Here you will find the 10 basic rules of green building:

  1. Suitable location: It will prevent the emission sources of electrical and electromagnetic pollution, chemical and noise, they are located in places with large environmental impact.
  2. Integration into their immediate environment: “The key lies in the attitude we should adopt when creating a settlement: this should be integration rather than occupation”
  3. Custom design: The house will suit the needs of each user.
  4. Proper guidance and distribution of spaces: It will be pursued wherever possible good guidance: situation stays of little use to areas north and south of daily use, study of the resting places to prevent vertically in the same elapsed electricity mains, water or any other…
  5. Use of healthy materials, Biocompatibles and higroscópicos: They should facilitate the exchange of moisture between the housing and the atmosphere. Resources should be close to the work area and raw material at least made possible. Furthermore, They should be completely free of harmful elements as asbestos, Polyurethane, chlorine ...
  6. Natural resource optimization, taking into account parameters such as the weather, it is advisable to conduct a study to determine resources place the elements that we can be useful without limiting its durability.
  7. Implementation of systems and equipment for saving, as they are passive solar collection systems, Galleries controlled ventilation, plant water systems regulators temperature and humidity ...
  8. Incorporation of systems and cleaner production equipment: Tras a study of natural resources of the place and the needs to cover, we can determine the most appropriate systems for the energy we need in a clean and sustainable.
  9. Waste recovery program and debugging discharges (waste separation, recycling ...)
  10. User Manual for use and maintenance: All the above measures have no meaning if the user does not know how to extract the most out. It is therefore very important to the proper training.

Following this Decalogue, It is to create a habitat always respecting the environment where they performed, and with special attention to each and every one of the elements of nature. All our actions are important because they affect other living beings and impact far beyond what we can imagine.

This awareness that the planet is our home and it is our responsibility to care, preserve and keep him and the beings who inhabit it in optimal conditions to produce health and happiness, trasluciendo must go in every human activity.

If you have planned to build a house, this incorporates diligence systems and equipment for clean production and savings, Help the waste recovery and treatment of waste and, especially, Concienciad around the importance of sustainable construction. you will help keep the planet for future generations worthy, avoid current environmental problems and, how not, It can be a great help for your pocket.



Written by: Marta S. Pírez Polanco

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