Passive House = Active Savings

We often wonder why we have reached this point, the critical limit of sustainability, far humans have only just consume and squander without worrying about their environment and much less about the future that awaits you. The reason is simple, We were brought in for it and … Read more

Five natural paradises endangered

The increase in tourism in a country has very positive aspects because it favors economic growth and promote tolerance and cultural diversity. However, as any excess, You can have devastating effects. If you join pollution and climate change that this triggers, understand why currently … Read more


1.- To save on heating, try not to have the windows open when this is working. Considering that to ventilate the house is enough 10 minutes, try to do at times when even that is not lit. 2.- No tapes heat sources with furniture or curtains and periodically reviews … Read more

The 10 most striking works of modern architecture in Europe

We present the 10 modern works in Europe that we are most striking for its impossible shapes and originality:   Green Citadel (Magdeburg, Germany) Architect: Friedensreich Hundertwasser Casa Danzante de Praga, (Czech Republic) Architect: Frank Gehry Spittelau incinerator (Vienna, Austria) Architect: Friedensreich Hundertwasser Museo Guggenheim (Bilbao, Spain) Architect: Frank Gehry … Read more