Unusual architecture: the house of John Cammarata

  Any house, decorated with care, originality and good taste, You can become a cozy home and even in a work of art. An example is Giovanni Cammarata (1914-2002), who when settled in Messina 1947 with his wife Paola, the only home we could afford was little more than … Read more

Cottages and or containers?

¿Shipping containers converted into housing? Clearly, Construction is becoming increasingly distant nuances of traditional brick houses. The houses are modular and transportable container houses built with containers, which are delivered to the customer fully furnished and equipped. One of its biggest advantages is that you can change the location if necessary by … Read more


When something does not work, must be changed or seek solutions. These are the options that are all architects of this country who have sounded headlong into the housing bubble. This eternal and complex six-year career, currently offers many barriers to all those that retain own mental attitude … Read more

San Agustín, Florida, or Spanish origin in the United States

We keep discovering more treasures within the United States, and while, we realize the important historical and cultural heritage left Spain in the country. Therefore, Today we travel to St. Augustine, San Agustín, Spanish forgive the redundancy. This peaceful and beautiful town of just over 10.000 people, which was founded in 1565 by Pedro Menendez de … Read more